Child Star Problems

Ok, so I don’t normally make any observations on the lives celebrities lead, because I don’t like the fact that they are being looked up to as the gods and goddesses of our age, worshiped by magazines, tv shows, and other social media. I hate the fact that they believe their fame is a good excuse to do whatever they’d like to do, that the law doesn’t apply to them as much as it does to us “mere mortals”.

But I recently stumbled upon an article that had my hair rising and caused disbelief to surge through my body in an overwhelming wave.

We all know Miley Cyrus; that young, smiling girl who played the conflicted heroine of Hannah Montana. I loved that show, might I add. My dad and I would sit down on Saturday mornings to laugh at her frantic antics and her dad’s hilarious country references. It was a show that anyone and everyone could watch and enjoy. But everyone grows up, some becoming more mature, sensible adults, while there are others who seem to think that adulthood is not a time of responsibility and growth, but rather a time to have the most fun, to express sexuality and vulgarity in such an obscene way that adults rush to hide their child’s eyes from the horrid displays.

I don’t know if any of you watch the VMAs (I certainly don’t; again, the “worshiping celebrities” thing doesn’t appeal to me), but I stumbled onto an article by Yahoo! where even the writer of the article was stunned by Miley’s performance. That’s saying a lot; have you ever seen some of their articles? It takes a lot, let me tell you.

Miley was worse than GaGa. Can you even imagine? She went around the stage, singing and groping the other dancers’ rear ends while they twerked endlessly. She thrust and twerked her way across the stage, making it clear that there were no limits to what she would do to prove that she was no longer the adored “Disney Princess” that she used to be. She continually grabbed herself and gestured obscenely towards her lady parts, not caring that there were children in the audience.

It just makes me angry. It makes me believe that there shouldn’t be children stars because they have, on the whole, spent the rest of their adult careers struggling to shake off the innocent image that they used to show, often in most gross, inappropriate, and unlawful ways possible. Just look at Amanda Bynes, Lyndsey Lohan…Miley Cyrus.

There is such a difference between her (Miley) and my favorite singer, Taylor Swift. She actually has some respect for herself and shows it. Miley is just looking for a man that she can use. It makes me sick.

I found the Smith’s reaction somewhat amusing, though. XD

One thought on “Child Star Problems

  1. I hadn’t even bothered watching any of the VMA’s until after reading this… but I have to agree… that was shocking. It takes a lot for anything along those lines to shock me, so that alone is saying something. I felt uncomfortable watching the video, and that is unnecessary.
    I am all for self-expression in music and other artistic endeavors, but I feel like the concept “keep the audience in mind” has been either twisted or forgotten here.
    To me, these people are desperate for attention and money, and they get more attention by selling the image of sex than they do promoting the things we would rather them be promoting. It’s an unfortunate truth. I promise you Miley’s explicit performance will get more attention and make more money than any other section of the VMA’s. even if the other parts deserve the attention more.
    Sometimes being bad pays up.
    Note: I don’t think the “Smith’s Reaction” was to Miley’s performance… I’ve read controversy over that… though if it is their actual reaction it would certainly be funny. LOL.


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