Slightly More than 10 Things I Hate About You

I hate the way you captured me in your web, like a spider and a fly.
I hate the way you couldn’t look me in the eyes when I’d cry.
I hate that my days grew brighter only when I was with you,
how your absence shrouds me in darkness and in gloom.
I hate the way your knife feels in my back,
even more because of the apparent feelings that you lack.
I hate how much time I wasted on you,
hoping my deepest dreams would come true.
I hate how blind I let myself become.
I hate how I always now feel alone.
I hate you for slowly tearing me apart,
I hate you for stealing away with my heart.
I hate that you still get the girl,
so much that I want to escape to anywhere else in the world.
I hate that you can’t understand or feel my pain,
I, whose soul you so badly maimed.
I hate that you stole so much of my time.
I hate that even now, you make me lose my mind.

I hate that I can never see you again.
I hate that it was her you wed.
And the thing that I hate most of all,
Is that I loved you, unrequited,

and you left me to fall.

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