The best friendships are said to be

Like flowers – or, more specifically,

are roses, bestowing blessings,

imparting color, life, meaning;

some friendships masquerade, however,

as harmless flowers,

but in truth are crocodiles,

With sharp teeth and wiles.

I’ve been running from them for so long,

Since fifteen, till I came upon

A solitary rose in a field,

A bloom of color that refused to yield,

Blooming, bold and bright

And I thought, I’ve escaped my plight;

I tried to grasp her stem, but I felt her scorn

Because little did I know, this rose has a thorn –

Or rather, many, of all shapes and sizes,

I realized, this rose hid many surprises.

I cowered beneath her shade,

Hiding from the crocs with teeth like blades,

Cowering from the memory of those past betrayals,

Terrified another Judas would be hot on my trail.

I hid as a rose for so long,

I deceived even myself as one of their throng.

Thinking, I must be one of her kind,

But looking down, I was shocked to find,

I was not truly a rose, as I’d thought,

I realized I’d lost myself as I fought

The liars, cheaters, thieves and fakes.

Depressed, I’d slumbered, but now I’m awake,

Finding that I am strong,

Resilient, though terribly wronged,

But they can try to take my head,

Laugh they may, but I’m not dead.

Not a rose, but something better,

Stronger, like a Phoenix, like the warrior Orion,

A burst of sunlight amongst the weeds –

That most hearty of flowers – a Dandelion.

This poem is about my struggle to find myself after countless betrayals, back stabbings, heartaches, and tribulations. I’ve felt the acutest heartbreak and the most gut-wrenching betrayals, and my mom always used to say that a good friend is like a rose – that it’ll bless you, but that every rose has its thorns. I now think that some friendships are like roses, sure – but who says that everyone has to be a rose? I prefer to dance among the wildflowers, who thrive independently but are most beautiful together ❤

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