Glass Menagerie

Used to be a glass figurine
In your perfect menagerie,
Surrounded by glass tchotchkes,
Polished by you lovingly,
Then in a game of chess
I didn’t know we were playing,
You swept me aside
With your black marble queen,
And when I fell from my pedestal,
You made no move to save me,
And what hurt most of all,
Is as I shattered, you left me.

Glass dust blows in the wind
Where I lie on the ground,
Shards of crystal glisten,
Screaming, yet making no sound,
Face frozen in a mirthless grin.
Once, I was shiny and new,
Crystalline, pristine and shining,
Then I gave myself to you,
Pure and heartbreakingly naive,
But you broke off my crown,
And just look at me now.

My jagged edges split skin,
My touch draws blood,
My value is shattered,
Swept under the rug,
I no longer shine,
No longer in your sight,
I’m out of your mind.
But someone will find me
And put me together again,
I’m not your dirty secret,
Content to stay hidden,
I’m a glass ballerina,
And I will dance again.

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