Looking Glass

Hello, celestial twin.
When I look in your eyes,
I see myself in them.
Your hidden groans
Reflect my own,
And it is there
Our likeness begins.

Oh, celestial twin,
We could not be
More alike
In spirit and in soul.
Sisters poured
From the same mold
Two halves
Of the same whole.

My celestial sister,
I almost pity
The pain that festers
Beneath our tired eyes.
We’ve both known pain,
Fear, heartbreak,
Hearts of diamond
Turned to jade.

Lovely celestial twin,
Who could’ve predicted
That it was from within
Our own destruction fomented?
What on God’s green earth
can you do
When your own body
turns against you
And plots your own demise?

Dear celestial sister,
I must confess
That I often wonder
If the world would care
If I fled to the ether
Where my masquerade
May falter…
Would their breaths hitch?
Would their heartbeats
Even skip?

I’m sorry, celestial twin,
For leaving you
To return to the world again.
I regret to leave,
Can barely breathe
When I leave this looking glass behind,
For only in this mirror
Can I find,
An ear to hear my lamentations.

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