Lips stitched shut,
I attempt to speak,
But then I am told
I have no agency
To say anything.

Court papers
Silence me
As effectively
As a gun.
Yet, they want me
To dance,
Smile sweetly,
And lie through my teeth.

Love is a gift
I’m not permitted to give.
Whose hands are these?
If they were mine,
I’d destroy
this IUD
Inside of me.
It’s eating away
At my sanity,
And I would scream,
But for the stitches
Silencing me.

My life isn’t mine,
My tears are signed
Away to a man
Who deserves nothing.
The sins of my past
Plunged me to hell,
And no one has listened
To my silent cries
‘Til now.

Invisible chains
Drag me down
Invisibly maimed,
The pop princess’s crown
Irrevocably stained,
And I would scream,
Stand on my own two feet,
But for the the chains on my wrists
And these damned stitches
Silencing me.


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