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About LOBN

Life seems nothing more than a quick succession of busy nothings…

Jane Austen, mansfield park

When I first read this line in Mansfield Park, it struck me like a bolt of lightning, resonating deeply with me as a 15-year old girl, and inspiring me to create this blog. The further back you go in the archives, the more you will get insight into the mind of a young girl in love with love and the power of words.

I believe that our “busy nothings” should reflect the complexity of life, in all of its exhilarating, frustrating, awe-inspiring glory. In this blog, you will find everything you need to ensure you maximize your own Life of Busy Nothings through travel – whether you need travel tips, packing guides, location guides, thrifty and affordable vacation ideas, or just want to read about my own travel experiences.

These days, I’ve determined to make my ‘busy nothings’ count. I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled more than almost anyone I know, having lived in France, ridden camels in Morocco, sipped wine on a mountaintop in France, called out to my Romeo from Juliet’s balcony in Verona, explored medieval castles in Germany, and toured breweries in Belgium.

Fernweh (n.)

An ache for distant places. A craving to travel.

Fernweh is a German word that I love, and which I feel encompasses my desire to travel better than wanderlust. Fernweh is ‘far-sickness’, the opposite of homesickness; an ache you feel deep in your bones, an inexplicable and unspeakable desire, a craving that is impossible to satisfy. This blog is the intersection of all my passions. My love of writing poetry, narration, and lyrics – combined with my fernweh – have culminated in this blog, which I hope speaks to you as well.

As for me, I spend my days working, hiking, exploring, reading, watching TV, and doing awesome random stuff with my friends. I love to explore cities and find awesome hole-in-the-wall cafes, restaurants, and shops. I’m constantly searching for thrifty and affordable things to do, sights to see, and places to travel to.

I’ve been maintaining this blog since I was 15; here you will discover the heart of who I am. Life of Busy Nothings is my baby, my online diary. You will discover my soul and quirkiness, my heartbreaks and ridiculous pre-teen ramblings, my insomnia-driven streams of consciousness, and my enviable travels. This is my life, and I’m so excited to share it with you.

Welcome to Life of Busy Nothings.
K 💖

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Oh, Bartender, You peddle addiction Sweetened with grenadine, Muddled with bitters, Garnished with mint leaves. You take some pleasure In the demand for your skill, Like a panther, stalking, Til you go in for the kill. Your eyes set upon A shiny new victim; a shy foreign blonde, heart on her sleeve, And your dark… Read more “Bartender”

Morocco (Part 3) – Jamaa Lafna Square

The crowd spilled out into Jamaa Lafna Square like a waterfall into a lake. One moment, we were elbow to elbow in a narrow walkway, and the next, I found myself thrust into the bustling and vivacious town square.

Travel Words in Other Languages

This year, I’ve discovered an obsession with discovering new words that don’t exist in English, words that encompass specific feelings, emotions, or actions that take many words in English to express, but that other languages have condensed into a single, beautifully crafted word. I love how other languages exist and weave together such a deeply complex sentiment into a rich tapestry of a word that expresses everything simultaneously.

I’ve found many such words through much research and dives into the Internet, and here, I’ve condensed them all into one handy list for you! if you use any of these words or definitions on your blog or Instagram, please tag me at @lifeofbusynothings!

How to be a One-Percenter at the Grand Canyon

Did you know that only 1% of all tourists at the Grand Canyon actually make it to the bottom? Over 99% of all people who visit the Grand Canyon are unable to make it all the way to the bottom of the inner canyon, or even below the Rim!


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About Kristin

Hi, I’m Kristin. An immigration paralegal by day, I spend my free time writing about my adventures in Europe and beyond, sharing the travel insights I’ve gleaned throughout my travels, and researching new places to go. This blog is for my love of writing about travel, food, and adventure. Enjoy my Life of Busy Nothings!

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