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Welcome to the LOBN Airport, your launchpad for my site and a guide to your future departures. Whether you need a guide to a new city, inspiration for your next trip, or wish to live vicariously through my own adventures, there’s a little something for everyone here. Brace yourself for departure!

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Oh, Bartender, You peddle addiction Sweetened with grenadine, Muddled with bitters, Garnished with mint leaves. You take some pleasure In the demand for your skill, Like a panther, stalking, Til you go in for the kill. Your eyes set upon A shiny new victim; a shy foreign blonde, heart on her sleeve, And your dark…

Morocco (Part 3) – Jamaa Lafna Square

The crowd spilled out into Jamaa Lafna Square like a waterfall into a lake. One moment, we were elbow to elbow in a narrow walkway, and the next, I found myself thrust into the bustling and vivacious town square.

Travel Words in Other Languages

This year, I’ve discovered an obsession with discovering new words that don’t exist in English, words that encompass specific feelings, emotions, or actions that take many words in English to express, but that other languages have condensed into a single, beautifully crafted word. I love how other languages exist and weave together such a deeply…

How to be a One-Percenter at the Grand Canyon

Did you know that only 1% of all tourists at the Grand Canyon actually make it to the bottom? Over 99% of all people who visit the Grand Canyon are unable to make it all the way to the bottom of the inner canyon, or even below the Rim!


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Hi, I’m Kristin. An immigration paralegal by day, I spend my free time writing about my adventures in Europe and beyond, sharing the travel insights I’ve gleaned throughout my travels, and researching new places to go. This blog is for my love of writing about travel, food, and adventure. Enjoy my Life of Busy Nothings!

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