Perspectives (and Donuts)


So this is kind of an out-of-the-blue discussion, but not for me (if you know me). You see, I eat too much chocolate. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. I don’t care if this fatty blogger eats chocolate or peanut butter, stick to the subject matter! Or it could just be that you’re just sitting there reading away and not thinking really about anything at all, except maybe your strange, sudden craving for chocolate.

But it makes sense, I promise. As I was saying, we, the people, eat chocolate, sugar, and fatty things too much in general. My family hosts a TON of exchange students, with our ninth coming just an hour. Each time they come from their respective countries (Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Korea, etc.), I always ask what the stereotype for Americans are in their respective countries, and the answer is always the same; we’re fat.

Not all of us, not at all, but that’s what the stereotype for America is from each culture. Hmmm I wonder why (this is a rhetorical question, for those of you who are a bit slow today 🙂 ). Have you LOOKED outside lately? At least, those of you who live in the ‘burbs like I do (or in the city) always pass no less than twenty fast food joints just doing their daily errands. A bit sad, right?

Then we have the much beloved doughnut, cupcake, and ice-cream/frozen yogurt shops that we all hold dear to our hearts. You know, the first German that we brought into our house could not believe her eyes when she saw Dunkin Donuts? For real! She actually took a picture to send to her friends of all the delightful varieties of donuts, because she said they wouldn’t believe her otherwise. Those poor, sad little Germans. No wonder they wanted to take over the world.

So back to my point; each country has similar but different perspectives on life in the US, as we do for them. It’s really fun for me, because I get to find out first-hand just what those perspectives are.

Now that I’ve written this, I have a sudden craving for Krispy Kreme (which will ALWAYS be better than Dunkin Donuts. Sorry, Dunkin fans, but I’m a Krispy girl (pun intended) )


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