The Invalid

I am so tired of being sick.

Ever since I wrote my Yuckies article about a week and a half ago – ish, I have been sick, first with a turrible stomach bug, then a horrific sinus thingy, and now I have a persistent cough that grates against my vocal chords and cause me to sound like a man. It has been because of these circumstances that I have been unable to post on my blog for the aforementioned 2-ish weeks.

It’s nice to be pampered for a change, though. My mom is buying me delicious flavored cough drops left and right (not the yucky kind, the brand that actually considers making the taste yummy-ish), trying to get me to skip school (I only gave in once, because I’m strong like that), and getting amnesty on some of my more prominent projects due to my unbearable sickies.

Sadly, Harris Teeter keeps calling me in to work nearly all day after I get off of work right after school, so I have been coughing (with my dracula arm up, of course) into the faces of rather cautious shoppers as I scanned their many items through the checkout. Often, they have backed up and put up the cross sign with their fingers upon hearing my grating, throaty cough.

I’m hoping to guilt my mom enough to buy me some delicious ice cream, yogurt, and pudding before the sickies leave me. Hey, while I’m sick, I might as well eat…well, right?

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