When in the South…

So I haven’t ever completely realized just how strange we in the South are. Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud to be “Southern” (or at least, as Southern as a resident of North Carolina can be). But, according to my friend who moved here from Ohio, an item of  “strangeness” in the South is our expressions. Apparently, we smile too much and are too polite.

Excuse me, I’m sorry, sir. I’d rather BE dull and LOOK dull (expression-wise, of course) and be rude all the time.

Another ex-friend (don’t ask me about it) once was completely mystified when I told her of what is quite possibly the strangest tradition in the South. You know, when there’s so much as a whisper of a rumor of snow, we rush to the grocery stores, cash and credit cards in our hands, grabbing up as much bread and milk as we believe we’ll need for the impending snow-pocalypse.

Some people find this to be a perfectly rational course of action. And of course, the only things that you can survive on in the snow-time *are* bread and milk. So why not just buy as much as you can? So what if you have too much later? Having too much is better than having too little when you truly need it, right?

I personally just like to do it for the fun of participating in the tradition. Plus, all that extra milk will help in the process of making snow-cream, so it’s ok. (I’ll give ya’ll the recipe for it later. Suffice to say, it is quite delicious and very easy to make. Just don’t make it with yellow snow.)

Another great thing is that we Southerners LOVE to make a big deal out of nothing. I saw an awesome meme on Facebook today, and I think I’d like to share it with ya’ll.

This is actually remarkably true. We make a ridiculously big deal out of snow.
This is actually remarkably true. We make a ridiculously big deal out of snow.

When there was a rumor of snow suggested for today, you know what happened? We at my school were given a FOUR HOUR EARLY RELEASE so that we could make it home before the “blizzard” hit. That’s the South for ya.


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