You Remember Those Times When…wait, where was I going with this?

You know one of the worst things  that could ever happen to anyone? Thinking of an incredible idea fore a new blog post while in school, but after having so much stuff shoved into your brains, you completely forget what it was, except for the fact that it was amazing. I’m so mad.

I was gonna get, like, a BAZILLION likes, comments, etc., on here if I could JUST REMEMBER THE FREAKING IDEA!

Ok, I can just see you rolling your eyes right now, thinking, “man, is this just another one of her stupid rants? She must be so stupid to forget things that easily!” My response?

Go take a hike, bud; this is MY blog.

But yeah, it’s super annoying. I keep trying to remember it, but it is just like my money: the more I try to pull it in, the more it slips away (Ha ha. Ha. Truth, though.).

But on another ♫: I’m trying very hard to fight off a caffeine/coffee addiction. I have a carton of International Delights Iced Coffee Mocha Latte in my fridge right now, calling my name and singing the angelic song of its people, and I am barely keeping myself from going over and getting some. Why fight it, you might ask. Go drink the heavenly yumminess that is the carton of International Delights Iced Coffee Mocha Latte. Give in.

Um, that’s called peer pressure, and apparently at my school, it’s considered bullying. YOU BULLY. (Ironically (or whatever it is), so is tickling (bullying, I mean). Go figure. (and yes, I DID just put several mini parenthesis within a giant parenthesis. Cuz Imma boss like that.))

But yeah, apparently I’m addicted to coffee. Why would I think such a ludicrous thing? I think my shaking hands and spastic muscles might be a pretty good indicator. It’s really sad, actually. I can’t even hold my hand in front of my face without my fingers twitching (and yes, I did just do it right now to double check.).

My BFFFF (Best Friend For Freaking Forever) Kelly would be laughing right now, because around the time that we became besties (like, three-ish years ago), I had an abhorrence of coffee. She was actually the first person to get me to drink coffee. Kelly, what have you done to me!?!??!

But yeah, back to my original ♫: if I ever remember the fantabulous blog post that I had wanted to do, I’ll write it soon. If not, it’s bumping around somewhere in this noggin of mine. It’ll come out eventually.

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