Hot Chocolate…with Oatmeal?

So you know how I’ve been promising a deliciously decadent food-time post concerning the most effervescent delicacies I can procure? Well, this isn’t it.

Let me begin by saying that I was out with my wonderful friends, Ari and Kyleigh, along with their exchange student, Louis (from France, so you don’t pronounce the “s”). I actually did something active today with these peeps, so I’m actually somewhat proud of myself for dragging my fattening body out the door and rock climbing with them. Yup, I went rock climbing.

What does this have to do with foods of any kind? Patience, my people. We’re getting to that.

So anyways, I get shown up (pretty badly) by these twins (did I mention Ari and Kyleigh are twins?) and Louis, making me feel pretty week and insecure about myself, so I’ve made a resolution to get buff by the next time I go rock climbing with ma peeps.

But anyways, I got into a discussion with Louis about the benefits of having chocolate milk after an intense workout (such as rock climbing), and so he was relatively excited to drink some hot chocolate at the twins’ house, being that they didn’t have any chocolate milk (which is weird to me, since I drink it all the time…I’m an addict and I need help. I’m not ashamed.).

So, we go to their house soon after, where they make us some delicious sandwiches. I also learned the difference between broiling, baking, and toasting in the oven…I honestly didn’t know or realize that there was a difference, but at least now I’m “educated”.

So anyways, we eat our amazing sandwiches; afterwards, Louis breaks out the hot chocolate, serving it up in a ceramic mug like the most elegant of waiters. I said “merci beaucoup” and he laughed at my “American accent”.

But then he does something strange; he brings out a huge thingy of oatmeal (not the little packets, mind you; this is like a full on CANNISTER of oatmeal) and begins POURING IT INTO HIS HOT CHOCOLATE. I was just watching, mouth agape. I couldn’t even form any words for the next for seconds, gasping for air like a land-ridden fish.

Finally, I said, “You’re putting…oatmeal…in your hot chocolate…why?” Everyone bursts out laughing, privy to some private joke that I was, sadly, not a part of. Apparently, the girls had eaten oatmeal one of the first days that he’d been there, and after trying it, decided to put it into his hot chocolate, and thus the Hot Choatmeal tradition began (I just came up with that…sounds a bit sickening, so I’m open to ideas.).

This dude was still pouring the oatmeal in his cocoa like a freaking river of oats. “That’s a lot of oatmeal,” I commented, arousing another burst of laughter. I decided to try this new “delicacy”, pouring a portion of my own cocoa into a “cappuchino cup” (I call it a coffee shot mug) and adding oatmeal.

It was like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. It began chocolatey, but then it developed into…something else. I tried to decide how to describe it, but it literally is an indescribable taste. Even now, I can’t find words for it.

Would ya’ll please at least taste this Hot Choatmeal and tell me what you think? I really just need some affirmation here.


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