Life as a Barista

I stand on the threshold,
Gazing up with a mixture
Of apprehension and excitement.
Take a deep breath,
Take it one step at a time

The door swings open,
Tantalizing smells invite me in.
I inhale deeply,
Filling my lungs with the warm scent
Of fresh morning roast and espresso,
And I feel instantly at home

Familiar place, new perspective
Always the consumer, now the server.
I slip the apron over my head,
Crisp green and brand-new.
It settles around me
Like a forgotten memory.
I’m now ready to begin my journey
As the newest barista in town.

I’ve done it; I’ve finally gotten my dream job! Say hello to the newest barista at Starbucks!

I absolutely adore my job. I love every second of it; from the time I walk in, I’m treated like a close friend by all of my coworkers, who barely even know me but have welcomed me in without hesitation.

I get free coffee every time I work, I meet awesome people, and my customers are the best. This job was meant for me.

To get back to the reason why I’m blogging today, I’ve decided to start a new series on my misadventures at Starbucks, complete with a convenient new category to store it in!

I’ve already got some wonderful stories about my adventures at Starbucks, and I haven’t even been working there for a week! It’s guaranteed to be a fun ride, and I can’t wait to share it with my peeps!

Keep it classy!
K ❤


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