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Depression can sometimes feel like you’re stuck in an old, derelict house that no one wants to fix. This is my perspective.

Looking Glass

Hello, celestial twin.When I look in your eyes,I see myself in them.Your hidden groansReflect my own,And it is thereOur likeness begins. Oh, celestial twin,We could not beMore alikeIn spirit and in soul.Sisters pouredFrom the same moldTwo halvesOf the same whole. My celestial sister,I almost pityThe pain that festersBeneath our tired eyes.We’ve both known pain,Fear, heartbreak,Hearts… Read more “Looking Glass”

36 Hours in Charleston

How should you maximize your time in Charleston? Here, I will share with you our itinerary, what we recommend, and what was not worth the time or expense.


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Hi, I’m Kristin. An immigration paralegal by day, I spend my free time writing about my adventures in Europe and beyond, sharing the travel insights I’ve gleaned throughout my travels, and researching new places to go. This blog is for my love of writing about travel, food, and adventure. Enjoy my Life of Busy Nothings!

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