Why Yogurt is the Best

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. “Gee, this girl must be off her rocker, talking about yogurt!” Well, I just might be, but I believe that’s a decision each of you must make for his or herself. To each his own, you know. Who knows, maybe you dislike the taste or consistency of yogurt. Shoot, maybe you have had a trauma involving yogurt which causes you forevermore to have a dread and fear of yogurt. In that case, my hat goes off to you for surviving. It has been my personal experience that that which gives the most pleasure can also cause the most pain, especially if that something was a something that you used to love (like yogurt).

But back to what I was saying; there are so many benefits of yogurt! Number One: It’s healthy (obviously). I mean, its fruit and milk. That’s like, two of the basic food groups all in one! I don’t like the kind with the chunks in it, though. It really messes up my groove when those pesky little fruit pieces makes its way onto my spoon.

Number Two: It goes GREAT with chocolate chips. Can’t we all use a little more chocolate in our lives? And it’s a proven fact that chocolate makes you feel good. Euphoric, even. If you want the technical stuff, then here goes: I don’t know the name of it, but there’s this chemical in the chocolate that reacts with the part of your brain that controls pleasure. Especially with girls. I think that’s why guys almost always wait until dessert to propose to their girlfriends. This is TRUTH. So in addition to that great feeling that you are eating something healthy AND delicious, you get the plus bonus of happy vibes just radiating off of you from the chocolate. When the girl in the house is happy, EVERYONE is happy. (Mayhaps thats why my mom buys me yogurt all the time?) I was talking with this guy once on the ‘net while eating my blueberry yogurt with chocolate chips, and I was feeling simply superb. When he asked me what I was doing, I told him I was eating yogurt, and admitted that I was feeling simply euphoric. When he asked me how euphoria is associated with yogurt, I explained the whole “chocolate chemical reaction with brain” thing to him, and to be extra tacky, I called it “euphoric yogurt”. (for those of you with stunted vocabulary, “euphoria” is such extreme happiness as to almost put one into a state of pure bliss. That’s me, by the way.) That really made me sound stupid, but at the moment I was just reveling in the party that was taking place on my tongue.

Number Three: It makes a great snack. So filling, and, like I said before, makes me feel great. I only have to eat like three yogurt cups with chocolate chips before I start to feel full (by the way, at that rate, I usually get through a package of yogurt in less than two days. I really like my yogurt.).

So yea, those were my deep and philosophical discussions on the topic of yogurt. Don’t judge.

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