The Line

What is the line between the natural and the supernatural? Where reality ends and legend begins, when fantasy turns into reality, where the past collides with the present? When science fiction becomes reality, as it so often does as our technology improves. One hundred years ago, the human race scoffed at the idea of touching the stars, of seeing someone on the other side of the world with the touch of a button on a screen. As the earth turns and progress changes our lives, what was once thought of as impossible, that was dreamt off but never saw its fulfillment, has become an integral part of our society.

Where do the lines blur, when the two seemingly opposing ideas intermingle? One can’t help but wonder. It is all too easy to find the truth in a legend. I once heard that lies are believable when there is a small grain of truth in them that cause people to doubt their perception of reality. Reality is, after all, based on each individual person’s perception of it, based on their morals and intellect.

What if the myths of the past were true, at least in part? They are believable, and we grasp at them like straws to fill the monotony of our lives with some semblance of life. We hold onto them, and don’t let them die, perhaps because we realize that they are as important to our past and future as the facts we learn from our history books. The things we do in this life will one day become mere rumors, the rumors become a myth, and the myth becoming a legend as timeless as the rising of the sun.

After all, we do not realize how remarkable it is that the sun rises at all. That that great ball of gas in the sky, so many miles away, can traverse that great space to warm and bring us light. We have seen it all our lives, and so are ignorant to it. Take a person who has been blind for the majority of  her life, cure her eyesight, and show her the sun; her perception of reality will be dangerously shifted, her entire world changed in that instant. What she had known by touch before she can now see and put a face to. Reality is as we perceive it. What is everyday for us may be scandalous or impossible for others.

What if superheroes were real (I believe that there used to be superheroes. Just read the story of Samson in the Bible, and tell me he doesn’t sound like a superhero to you), that dragons flew and breathed fire (Job 41, at least, proves that there were dinosaurs that breathed fire), that there were knights of the round table? How vastly would your perception of reality change if you believed and accepted these things as factual as the computer you are reading this on?

And don’t get me started on things like wormholes, black holes, and alternate realities and other dimensions. I believe those things exist. If space can continue to expand inexplicably throughout time (which it does, by the way. Look it up!), then surely there must be the anomaly called the wormhole. I suppose many of my “fantastical” ideas come from the Bible, but if you saw it the way I did (perceptions of reality, people!), you would understand. If you look at the story of Elisha in the Bible, there is this one chapter in his life that completely (at least for me) supports the theory of alternate dimensions.

Basically, there is this king that wants Elisha, and so he sends his army to capture him, and surrounds the city he is living in. Elisha’s servant runs to his master, terrified. Elisha, completely unafraid, tells the servant not to worry, to his servant’s disbelief and despair. After praying for the servant to see what he sees (Again, perception of reality!), the “Servant’s eyes are opened”, and he can see that an army of angels, chariots, and horses, surrounds the enemy army, twice as large.

What happened? I believe that there are dimensions encircling and laying over the earth, much like the layers of an onion. It is from these dimensions that angels interfere with earthly events without being seen. It’s like having an invisibility suit…for an entire race. And overlaid over that dimension is the space where demons and devils crookedly tamper with the earth, whispering in our ears and influencing the world’s leaders.

Where is the line? I suppose that is for you to determine for yourself. As for me, in my personal reality, that line is very thin.


2 thoughts on “The Line

  1. Actually there are a lot of similarities between the bible and old cultural legends. For example, almost all races have a “story” of a “great flood” that covered the earth. There is also a bible verse (Can’t remember it exactly, so I will paraphrase) that many great giants fought heroically or something, suggesting that there really were “super humans” on the earth at a point in time.

    Speaking of wormholes…Have you seen Stargate?


  2. No I haven’t. Is it good?
    Yea I believe that some of those people were David’s “Mighty Men.” Look it up on These guys did things that nobody else could or dared to do, so they were like David’s Elite.
    Also, in the pre-flood era, men had become so powerful that they could wreak incredible havoc on the earth. Nephilim (giants) abounded, and that’s where we get many of our stories of superheroes, greek gods, etc., from. Those stories of the exploits of some of those heroes survived through Noah.


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