Way Back When

I seriously was built to live in the medieval time period. Seriously. I mean, I have this strange inclination towards sword-fighting, archery, and medieval dress. I can design a brand new never-before-seen medieval-style dress in my sketchpad on command. I know that the medieval age didn’t have such modern commodities like toilets or facebook, but people were happier then, you know?

They didn’t require all that much to be entertained. Have you ever seen a kid these days? They must be constantly stimulated ALL THE TIME until finally their feet fall out from beneath them. Heaven forbid they be forced to resort to doing something horrendous like reading a book. In medieval times, women would pick up their knitting, needlework, sewing, or whatever it was that they felt like doing, and they were fine, and the men would just pick up a sword or lance and bash at each other to their heart’s content.

So wait, I guess the men have to be constantly stimulated no matter what century they live in. But come on, at least they knew about a little something called chivalry. And I don’t just mean the things that guys should do anyways, like holding a door open or pulling your chair out for you (note how I didn’t say “out from under you”.). I’m talking about the gentleman’s code, where propriety and honor were held above all else.

Back then (for the most part anyway), if a man so much as held a girl’s hand without her permission, it was a scandal; fornication meant excommunication (cue dramatic music). A man stood when a lady entered and left the room, bowed as a sign of subservience to her, and the men knew how to dance. How many of you men know how to dance now, huh? And I don’t mean that stupid bobbing to the music, throwing your hands in the air mess. I mean honest to goodness dancing, gliding across the ballroom with the simplest of ease, the definition of dexterity and elegance. (men can be elegant, too!)

I just love that time period. So grand, so…full of life. If ever a time machine is invented, or a wormhole is found, I’m the first one through, and you can count on that.


One thought on “Way Back When

  1. Very interesting post, and it is quite fascenating to see your thoughts on this.

    1st P: I wouldn’t necessarrily say that people were “happier” then than now-a-days, I mean- they had wars, famine, disease, and constant work! You chose a trade and then stuck with it, and would probably be in an arranged marriage to some loser. (Plus, it is always overcast/raining and grungy/dark in the middle ages!)

    2nd P: Kids these days…

    Section about men:
    “the men would just pick up a sword or lance and bash at each other to their heart’s content.”
    You have a lot to learn about men. 😛 1. Not all men are centered around fighting, and we don’t *Always* have to be stimulated. 😛 (Remember, guys do have the ability to stare blankly into space and think about *nothing*.). 2. There are a lot of boys in the world, but very few men. There is a difference!


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