“Once Upon a Time…”

…there lived a a girl; a girl who dreamed of greater things. One who fantasized about the existence of the impossible. She spent her days with her nose buried in her books and working towards the improvement of her future. She kept herself single-mindedly focused on the responsibilities weighing down upon her. One day, when she took the time from her studies and her reading to blog about her mindless existence, one question weighed heavily upon her.


….and then she smelled some chocolate chip cookies and immediately she forwent her previous deliberations to placate her suddenly grumbly stomach. All in all, she ate a cookie.

Isn’t it weird how we can get distracted like that? I positively hate it when that happens to me, when I have something I really need to say or do, but then something captures my attention to the extent that I completely forget my train of thought.

I’m sure everyone has gone through this, right? I believe that our minds automatically prioritize activities, thoughts, and responsibilities, so that when something with higher priority in some way, shape, or form appears, our minds shift from whatever we are doing to dedicate our attention to the object of more importance.

At least, that’s how I make sense of it. Otherwise, I would probably go for a brain test to see if I’m going senile, which I very may well be. Who knows? I know one thing, though. It is very annoying.

So if this happens to you more than once in a day, just remember; you aren’t the only one! And it tells you more about yourself; if you prioritize yummy cookies above philosophical questions and furthering your education, you know that you really shouldn’t trust your mind to do your thinking for you. Paradox! (I think that’s what I’m going to do my next blog about. Gotta love the idea of paradoxes! Or paradoxi?)

So that’s my thoughts on how I have ADD without actually having ADD. (Or is it ADHD? I always forget 😛 )


One thought on ““Once Upon a Time…”

  1. I actually don’t get distracted by food all that much. My mind will completely block out physical needs like that for hours at a time while I work/do other activities. (Like, get up at say 10 AM, and then sit at my desk and forget all thoughts of food till 3PM). Then, I will be SO hungry that I can’t think any more, and will wander around the kitchen until I can gather up enough mind power to make a sandwich.

    ADD vs ADHD: Trouble concentrating / trouble concentrating, and bounce around all day.


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