Once Kissed…

You know, you can never take back a kiss. Ever. Once you’ve had your first one, you will NEVER have a first kiss ever again. Those lips will never again be “untouched”, and you will no longer be as pure as you once were. Not that kissing makes you unpure. I’m not saying that at all. But you kind of lose something when you give your first kiss away.

The same with your heart. For each person you date, you give a piece of your heart away, and even more so if you move too fast (if you know what I mean!). It’s kind of deep, when you think about it. And in today’s society, to remain unkissed is worthy of shunning, or at the very least, humiliation. At least, in the public school system. With us homeschoolers, it’s not so uncommon. It’s not like we’re anti-social or anything. To the contrary, we are very sociable creatures. I have yet to meet a homeschooler who didn’t have any friends.

But that’s not the point. Why should it be shameful to keep yourself for the right person? Physical affection is being forced on us everywhere we look and go. It’s in movies, tv shows, billboards, advertisements. Literally everywhere. It’s disconcerting to me that even middle-schoolers feel and succumb to the pressure.

You know the quote from Pride and Prejeduce where Mr. Darcy says, “My good opinion, once lost, is lost forever.” Well, on a little twist of that, “My kiss, once given, is lost forever.”

This may seem like a silly topic, but it’s pretty important to me. I just hate the pressure being put on us all the time; the judgmental eyes following us wherever we go, whispering behind our backs she’s never been kissed.

So that’s my opinion on the topic. Once kissed…

3 thoughts on “Once Kissed…

  1. Don’t get discouraged or succumb to peer pressure! You can always become like them at any time you want, but they can never be like you!


  2. Oh, I just love what both of you said, Joshua and Abigail! You’re so right, Joshua! They can NEVER be like Kristin. Kristin, I’m so proud of you! There is one incredibly grateful young man out there who will fully appreciate how blessed he is! Don’t ever lose your perspective. 🙂


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