There are Bigger Things…

We, as a people, almost always consider ourselves in practically everything we do. What we wear, how we talk, how we treat others, what we do with our free time. It all depends on “how we feel like”. But you know, there’s nothing quite like that feeling you get in your heart, that warm caress and that soft voice in your head that tells you “You did right”, when you do something for someone else that takes up your personal “me” time.

Am I right? Seriously, you just naturally feel really good inside when you know that you’ve done something right by someone else. As for me, I just can’t stop smiling, thinking about the people I impacted and the future repercussions of my actions in someone’s life. Like this one time, I went with this small group downtown to this area called Moore Square, which is basically a place where homeless people hang out. We went down there, made a ton of PB&J, chip, and water bottle lunch baggies to hand out to these people. At first, I was like super nervous. I didn’t know what to say, or whether the person would actually be homeless or not. I mean, what could be more embarrassing than passing out a free lunch to a person that wasn’t actually homeless (See, considering myself again).

But finally I mustered up the guts to take that first bag to that first person, and like someone had sounded a siren, so many people started walking up, asking if they could “please have a lunch?”. We ran out of bags within an hour. And so many people walked away that day with full stomachs and happy hearts. One guy (this guy was really rough-looking, and I don’t mean it in a mean way) actually came up to me after he had eaten his lunch, and he shook my hand and kept thanking me again and again, saying “God Bless You, Sweetheart!” and expressing his relief that the world had not entirely forgotten them. It was a life-changing experience.

There are bigger things than you or me. Bigger things than how you live, how much money you earn, or whether you get to play sports this year or not. What’s better than to make them even bigger?

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