Cool Beans and Hot Sauce

I just had tacos tonight, so I figured the title would be appropriate 🙂 But I know y’all aren’t here to talk and/or read about my amazing taco dinner. No, you wanna hear about my life (for some reason!)! Well, I want to tell you something even amazing-er. I got my license yesterday.And I got to drive to the store by myself for the first time EVERR!!!

Can I get a WOOT WOOT?!?!?! If you had seen me, you would have been chortling with laughter.

No joke, though. I was driving like a boss (safely, though, because I’m cool like that), I had my amazing aviators on, and when I got at that store I positively strutted like I was on top of the world. Literally, it was a strut. Like a rooster. (Tee hee three days ago I felt like a sheep and now I’m acting like a rooster. Don’t you love my descriptions of myself?). You know those times; when you first get your permit, eat your first Reeses’ cup, or get an A+. It’s like nothing can burst your bubble (except a very sharp needle. That will bust my bubble and possibly unleash THE BEAST.) If you’ve never had a moment like that, then I pity you. You just haven’t lived. I’m so sorry, but accept the facts. (Besides, if you’ve never had an accomplishment that made you happy inside, then you really need to try harder. Get off your lazy bum and do something with your life!)

But it was a great feeling, and I am reveling in it while it lasts, because I know eventually it will just become day-to-day business for me. Live in the moment, but look to the future; that’s what I say. So yeah, that was my amazing day. PLUS I aced an AP vocabulary test without studying. WHAT.


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