Drops of Jupiter

So there’s not really drops of Jupiter pouring out here (obviously), but the rain out here is intense, no joke. And the lightning is really crazy, so close that the thunder shakes the house. We’re lucky we haven’t lost power yet. Still that rain is pouring down hard, as if it has a vendetta against our poor house. The roof is crying tears of pain, and the entire house trembles after every lightning strike with fear, shaking to the very core.

I do quite love the rain, though. The way it just soaks through everything you’re wearing, no matter what it is, and gives you that nice, clean, fresh feeling. Whenever I go out dancing in the rain, I always feel like I look like Rachel McAdams in The Notebook; you know, that part where she finds out that her ex-boyfriend had written to her, and so she jumped up and kissed him? That part. But I know I probably just look like a little homeless waif with stringy hair and (amazing) worn-out neon-green rainboots a size too big for her.

My favorite song to listen to when its raining (or any time, really) is Drops of Jupiter by Train. That is such an amazing song, and if you’ve never heard it before, then your life must have been empty and meaningless, like a walnut with no yummy part inside of the hard shell, just the withered, blackened remains. That’s what you’re life is like. What’s sad is that those of you who are like that poor little walnut probably don’t even know it. You poor, poor things.

It thundered and lightning-ed again, really loudly. Like, REALLY loud. My little brother (10) screamed when the thunder rolled, but it was kind of funny, because he started trying to act all brave after. I love him so much ❤ The lightning was so bright that it lit up the house, illuminating every dark corner and crevice.

You know another good song to listen to when it’s raining? The Thunder Rolls by Garth Brooks. That song is just PERFECT for a rainy, thundery day like today (or rather, night). It’s got thunder sounds in the background, so it works brilliantly.

So I just gave you two new (amazing!) songs that you need to listen to. I’ve done you a favor, people. APPRECIATE.


2 thoughts on “Drops of Jupiter

  1. We got some pretty intense storming here as well! We did lose power for a bit, though! (I still have yet to go and reset all the clocks around the house).
    My favorite music for rain has to be the Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven. (Look it up on youtube, and also get a “rain loop” in the background. It is perfect! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SduKvHiPxdo)


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