Seize the Moment

How do you handle stress or disappointment in your life? With so many things that are requiring your attention and responsibility, how to do you prioritize, and how do you make time for the opportunities that you want to seize?

We always prolong what issues are plaguing our lives, I think, because we are comfortable in the responsibility. What would happen if you finally completed everything that was required of you, and had absolutely nothing to do at all, freeing you to do what you want? At first, you might have a ball, going shopping (if you’re a girl) or eating (if you’re a guy or girl) or just sitting around reading a book. That’s how it is in the beginning of summer.

But if you’re anything like me, after a while, you get tired of doing just…nothing all the time. I, personally, start feeling this itch in my back that’s telling me, “get off of your lazy butt and do something with your life,” and it kind of gets me into panic mode. I start worrying about things that I shouldn’t nor need to be worrying about, like getting stuff for school.

I hate being idle for too long. It literally starts driving me out of my mind, to the extent that I actually find something profitable to do. I can’t tell you how many times my mom has walked into my room during the summer to find me doing something like studying math or something. If you know me, then you know that that is an extreme step. (The funny thing is, she thinks that I like the math book or something, and then she buys me the next book in the series. That’s irony right there.)

But back to my point: instead of prolonging our issues to the point that we have no time for developing any other aspect of our lives, just live your life (and I’m not saying that YOLO mess that seems so popular nowadays. I’m saying that you should govern your life, and not let your life govern you, if that makes any sense). We’re always, constantly saying that we never have time for anything. Usually, that’s our own fault.

So basically, just go out there and seize the day. Don’t let another minute go by unused. SEIZE THE DAYYY!!!


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