Seeing Double

So I wasn’t exactly smart last night and I may have accidentally stayed up until about midnight (which is not a good idea, in my case, considering that I have to wake up at 5:30 in the morning. Yeah, that early.).

Today I have been practically asleep on my feet, and yet I managed to a.) go to classes and actually score one of the highest quizzes in French (boo-yah!), b.) stay after school for approximately two hours to audition for the school’s rendition of Jane Eyre (my FAVORITE!), c.) being a newspaper reporter for the school, I took photos of said audition and just now finished editing them, d.) go to church for about two hours and paint some more of one of the murals during that time, and e.) write this blog post. That’s how dedicated I am, people. Let me feel the appreciation!

But yeah, because of all these activities, I have literally been seeing double all day long. No joke, I keep stumbling along and kind of bumping into people and things everywhere I go. I can barely type. Do you know how many times I had to correct my spelling just in this paragraph right here? Too many, people. Too many.

Not to mention that the contacts I’m wearing aren’t helping. My eyes are still unused to them, and so they make me feel sleepy anyways when I’m wearing them, so it just kinda makes it worse. I’m surprised I don’t have bruises up and down my body.

But that was basically my day. Hopefully I get a part in Jane Eyre (Crosses fingers)!!!! Tomorrow, the callbacks are announced, and hopefully my name will be on there! Wish me luck! Kisses :-*


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