Is Chivalry Still Alive?

That’s a difficult question to answer. If you consider opening doors for women chivalry, then yes, it is alive. But in my eyes, not so much.

To me, chivalry means so much more than merely opening car doors or letting the girl choose the movie to watch at the theater. To me, chivalry is like showing respect, of valuing the woman above yourself. In medieval times, it was a code of honor. In the West, it was a “gentleman’s code”. It dictated that men would not be rude or improper in front of women, that the men would not use obscene phrases or gestures in their presence. Gentlemen and knights would respect the very fact that a woman was present.

Now, I know that there is this whole “power-woman” thing going on now, where women seek to be free of gender distinctions and to be treated like normal, but I can’t help but wonder…why? Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that we can vote and have jobs now. That’s a big plus. But why are women so against being treated with respect? They devalue themselves in their own eyes, and so devalue themselves in others’ eyes. Nowadays, young and adult women are putting themselves out there like a piece of meat, to be ogled and lusted after. Is that really an admirable trait? What was wrong with women dressing with class and decency, revealing nothing and leaving an aura of mystery about them?

A man that shows the kind of chivalry and decency that a knight used to show, frankly, earns more respect from me than a guy whose pants hang around his ankles, cursing left and right as if he’s trying to impress someone, all the while thinking of only one thing. That’s just gross, I’m sorry. Especially the sagging pants thing. I mean really, have some class. (BTW, on a kind of unrelated subject, has anyone realized how much gangs have changed since the 20 century? Then, gangs wore bowler hats and three piece suits. Now, they just look like homeless people on drugs carrying around a machine gun. HUGE difference.)

I want to be treated with respect from a guy. And not just opening doors and smiling a brilliant smile. Nuh uh, that won’t cut it for me. He has to have a clean mouth (and when I say “clean”, I mean CLEAN), appreciate me for who I am, and treat me like I am the most precious thing in the world. Yeah,  I know like that sounds like a lot, but I have high expectations. I saw this meme on facebook once that said, “The thing with the cheapest price has the most customers” and that’s true for me. I come with a high price (not monetary, I assure you), and I expect the same from any guy. He not only has to value me, but also himself. (and I do not mean he has to be pompous and arrogant. That guy is DEFINITELY out.)

What are your opinions on chivalry in today’s society? Do you believe it is still alive, that it’s completely stone dead, or that it could be revived? And what are you willing to settle for? As for me, I want my knight in shining armor to actually BE a knight in shining armor, not just a disrespectful creeper covered in tin foil.


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