Too Easy

Life is too easy for me sometimes.

Sure, I have some spots where there’s a real challenge, and I love those moments; that panic that starts creeping up your back if you can’t think of a solution, the exhilaration when you finally do. It’s the perfect adrenaline rush for a nerd like me (that and the newest episode of either Doctor Who, Sherlock, or the Mentalist). But lately, I have had too much free time. Seriously, have you noticed how much more I’ve started blogging since school started? Like, almost every day. The worst thing? I hate having too much free time.

I think that people are always at their best when they do not have much free time. When they are working on something or hanging out with a friend, there is not enough time for them to go stir crazy and do something mad like say, I don’t know, eat a tub of yogurt with chocolate chips (Don’t look at me!). Thus, I typically go mad and start doing crazy things when I don’t have anything to do. I guess that’s why I liked homeschool so much; surprisingly, I had so much school and extracurricular activities occupying my time that I never had this problem (except on spring break or something).

Not like these public schools. It is just WAY too easy. I work for maybe an hour or two after school and BAM! I’m done. What do I do with those extra five hours before I have to go to bed? Answer: Watch tv and get fat. I positively abhor being idle, especially being idle with fatty foods like popcorn, because then I just feel all greasy and gross and fat. So guess what I have been doing with my extra time? I run. (I run now. Running’s cool (For you DW fans, this is a nod to Matt Smith. Just FYI))

I’ve actually gotten pretty good at it. I try to run every evening for about twenty minutes. I probably only power walk for a third of that, and the rest of the time I run. It actually takes more practice and discipline than I thought. You have to control your breathing so that you don’t hyperventilate or something, and I’ve learned how to get rid of those annoying stitches in my side while I’m running. As in, I don’t stop to massage them out. I can actually fix them without even stopping. Like a boss.

But my point is, schools have lowered the workload on students because they can’t handle it anymore. Ironically enough, they can’t handle a more exerting school load because they haven’t been given enough school to do, and so they aren’t conditioned for it. Do you catch my drift?

I am so desperate that I have actually gotten out my old Algebra II book and am now reviewing the entire thing in addition to my school work because I feel so unfulfilled. I have been joining clubs left and right, I have been volunteering to paint at my church more often (BTW, the mural project is coming along splendidly), and I play chess a lot too. I’m actually meeting with my guidance counselor in a couple days to discuss changing up my second semester classes to more challenging courses so that I won’t have this problem again. Yeah, I’m that desperate.

If you have been in public school your entire life, you might be thinking, “Man, this girl doesn’t think the work we get is hard?? She must really be crazy!”  My answer?

Yes. Yes I am.

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