You know those mornings when you wake up, and it just seems like the whole world’s your oyster, and the day just seems to be bright and happy before you?

I love those days.

Today is kind of like that, actually. For the first time in like, EVER, I got to sleep in and now I’m just hanging out in my pj’s, relaxing and chilling out. There’s so many possibilities for these kinds of days! Like going to the movies just because you want to, shopping with friends, or having a baking day. As for me, I’m probably going to remain in these pj’s as I get caught up on all of my favorite tv series. I might get fat if I do that, so I’ll probably go out and do something, too.

The only problem with having a lovely day like today is trying to decide what to do among the vast list of activities: should I go shopping? Or is that more important than Doctor Who? So many choices!

I may just chill and relax for the majority of the day, though. I mean, when do I ever have the chance to do that? Hence, that might just be my plan of action (or should I say plan of non-action?) Have fun with your day, because I know I’m going to with mine!


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