I feel so bad. Not bad like “sad” bad, but bad like “bad” bad, if you catch my drift (this is one of my favorite phrases, in case you haven’t noticed). See, we’re not supposed to eat during class, but I snuck one of my Oreos during French while we were playing French Bingo. Tee hee >:)

But that’s what I want to talk about (not the Oreo, though it was in fact very delicious). I want to talk about all the stupid rules some places have just because some stupid person did something stupid  and made the rule-making people have to make that rule. (I s0und oh so professional right now)

That would really be a story to tell, though, if you were one of those people that made such a big (or minor) screw-up that the proverbial “they” made a new rule to address it. I imagine that the “no-food” rule was created because some kid left a food (perhaps a delicious Oreo) in a classroom, where ants and roaches and mice found it and started fighting over it in a blood internecine (one of my vocab words!) war that completely obliterated all parties involved so that when the teachers returned to the classroom, the floor was just covered in the gruesome, bloody remains of The Great Cookie War.

Or maybe it’s just to help kids pay attention better. Personally, I like my Cookie War version better.

But what I hate is that one person’s mistake can make everyone else suffer (I get SO hungry during class! And I can’t eat all because of that Cookie War instigator. *shakes fist at sky* Curse you!). You’ve got to wonder who started the rule, though. I imagine if the students of the school found out, this kid would have to go into Witness Protection or something.

But basically, this is just a rant about how I can’t eat openly in class. Call me a fatty, but I embrace who I am, and you should too!


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