You know what drives me crazy? When people have obligations or responsibilities, but they continually mis-prioritize, forget, or just plain ignore them. It’s especially annoying when the repercussions of the unaction affect you and you feel the negative impact of their laziness.

I know that we all have felt that way in some point in time; people in positions of power that require some responsibility continually forget to do something that is so urgent to you, but they cannot see the importance of it to our “miniscule” lives. It really just drives me mad.

It seems like I attract these types of people when I have super important things to do. These kinds of people are always the people in charge of things, and frankly some of them simply do not deserve the position, their skills and self-motivation insufficient for the job. For instance, the Harris Teeter down the road seems to refuse to call me to tell me when I need to take a drug test for an employment position there, or even to inform me that I have earned the position at all! Each time, I have to call or even go personally to check up on them to make sure that the process is moving along. I should totally be a manager.

Another example: I’m in this big huge program called the Distinguished Young Women of America (formally known as America’s Junior Miss) where we (senior girls) basically have to perform a talent onstage, prove scholastic excellence through our transcripts, speak to a huge audience, and do a fitness routine onstage. Well, when I first emailed the lady in charge of the local program (let’s call her Sally), she told me that there was no local program where I live, so I would just participate in the At-Large (for girls who do not have local programs). Well, I had been filling out paperwork and learning a new piece on the piano to play for said audience when I get an email from her telling me that she was, indeed, WRONG, that there WAS a local program, and that I had MISSED it.

Suffice to say I was fuming, smoking mad.

At first I just broke down and cried. Then I did what any girl would do: I told my dad. He did what any dad would do: He called the lady in charge of the ENTIRE program and fussed at her about the incompetency of her staff. She did what any Boss Lady would do: She redirected his call. He talked to the lady in charge of the North Carolina program, she talked to me, and now I’m part of the At-Large program again 🙂 But it drove me crazy about how incompetent some people can be, and expect you to take the hit for it.

There are others, but I don’t feel like writing about them. Feel free to write about any incompetent bosses, teachers, etc., that you’ve ever had!


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