This morning, as I was getting ready for school, I ran into a very strange train of thought. It was so interesting to me that I decided to craft it into a story in my head, and later I wrote it down. This is that story. Don’t judge, this happened when I was VERY tired.

Tim wandered timidly into the dark chamber, barely able to make out the shapes of the three hulking shapes seated in the middle of the room. Tim approached, his fearful respect of the spectral figures evident in his slow, halting walk to the podium. When he drew near, the figure in the middle leaned forward on his elbows, flickering candlelight illuminating his brutish face with a fiendish glow.

“Did you bring it?” He asked, his voice low and gravelly.” Tim started at the sound. ” y-yes sir! H-here it is, sir!” A trembling hand reached out, a sealed envelope clutched in his sweaty fist. The brute took it with a flourish and relaxed in his chair, his face once more shrouded in darkness. A hairy arm reached out from the shadows and waved in a dismissive manner. “You may go” the voice said yes sir! G-goodbye, sir!” Tim proceeded out of the room, his footsteps padding a steady, hasty beat behind him.”

If you want to read more, tell me!!!

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