Hot Cocoa Days

You know, I really like hot chocolate.

Seriously. A lot.

I make some really good hot chocolate, too. It looks positively fantastic right now, and yes, I do happen to have a hot chocolate sitting next to me while I contentedly type on the computer. Because I’m a fattie like that. But anyways, as I was saying…

I think that hot chocolate is a scam. It makes you feel so good inside that you just want to buy (or make) more to retain the lovely feeling deep in the pit of your stomach, with your eyes threatening to close. That’s why hot chocolate is such a huge seller. It’s like legalized drugs that aren’t actually drugs. I’m kind of going through a chocolate high right now, so I don’t really know what I’m typing. All I know is that I’m really chill right now, and that isn’t normal.

I keep staring at my cup wishing more hot chocolate would appear in there, but I keep getting disappointed. Why oh why don’t we have magic so that we could just wish ourselves anything we wanted and BAM!…it’s there. That would be amazing.

I would put a picture of my deliciously lovely hot chocolate up on here, except for the fact that I drank it all. Strange. I thought it would last longer than that. But anyways, why do people like hot chocolate so much? I will make a list because I’m feeling list-y today:


  1. Because, in winter/fall, it makes you feel nice and warm from the inside out. You know that days when it’s so frigid outside that you’re desperate for anything warm, and then all of a sudden you see a Dunkin’ Donuts, giving you a sudden craving for a donut and some hot chocolate? Well, I certainly do. They have some good hot chocolate (though not as good as mine 😉 ) That first moment when you pick up that hot cocoa cup, the warm seeping into your frigid fingers, and you take that first sip; that moment is a moment of sheer bliss. Feeling the warm of the cocoa exploding through you as it slowly trickles down your throat makes me positively wriggle with joy.
  2. It’s chocolate. Enough said.
  3. Because it’s a grand ole tradition. Everyone loves those picturesque scenes with people gathered around the fireplace, cookies spread around and hot cocoa in ceramic mugs in everyone’s hands. That such a nice picture, and we like to think that we are a part of them. At least, I do. Maybe it’s just me.

For those of you who don’t like hot chocolate (or any chocolate in general)….I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry. You truly have not lived. I pity your existence. Live well, my friends. Live a chocolate-free life and remember…the way that it could have been.


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