Doctor Who Sadness

I hate it when I watch the new episodes of my favorite TV shows.

I mean, yeah, you get that great feeling of something new, but once it’s over, you can never experience the newness of that episode EVER again. I hate that, especially with the Doctor Who episode Blink. That was my first ever Doctor Who episode and let me tell you, it got me HOOKED. It was such a wonderful introduction into the crazy, fantasmic world of Doctor Who, but now I can never watch it again as a newbie.


I guess that’s why we television/Doctor Who addicts like to introduce new people to our favorite series, because we like to relive our favorite “first” moments through other people. At least, I do. But that’s also why we love to watch new episodes; so that we can experience that “new” feeling all over again. (Also, it might also be that we would like to see the latest plot development. To each his own, you know).

This was all brought on when someone new (my latest newbie victim) didn’t respond to Doctor Who in quite the way I hoped she would. She was just kind of…indifferent to Blink. I was shocked. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??? Blink kept me up for hours, hours, after I watched it, and it wasn’t just the show that scared me, but the psychological aspect of it. It wormed the thought into your mind that, quite possibly, any and every angel could be a Weeping Angel.

And she was indifferent. I don’t understand it.

So basically, this is kinda sorta a rant against newbies who don’t fully appreciate the BRILLIANCE that is Doctor Who. In this case, my “to each his own” catch phrase most definitely does NOT apply. Sorry, you don’t like Doctor Who? I don’t know if this friendship will be able to continue.


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