Winter Hot Chocolate Disaster

As the days get colder, our tummies get more and more selective, choosing nice, warm, soothing beverages and foods to accept rather than cold, ice-like items (except for ice cream.  Ice cream is always acceptable.)

At least, it is for me. I’m not sure what it is about winter. Perhaps it is the mere presence of cold that makes me hunger for hot chocolate and fresh cake. Or perhaps I am simply a fatty who enjoys living on the yummy side of life. To each his own, you know.

I think that this is somewhat true for everyone else, though. At least, based on the cravings of my exchange student. During the hot, dog days of late summer, Chiara (Italian) loved consuming ice cream (duh) to cool off, drinking sweet tea like it was water and freezing her Reeses’ cups so that they wouldn’t melt in the unforgiving sun (that sun has claimed so many victims. So many good, innocent Reeses’ cups have been slain by the sun’s power.)

Now, however, she has begun asking for things like oatmeal for breakfast (actually, quite tasty, and it really sticks to your ribs so that you don’t get hungry for a long time, so good choice on your part, Chiara!), and I have been making hot chocolate left and right for us (not that I mind it. I love hot chocolate! ❤ )

Today, a tragedy occurred as I was leaving my house to go to school; my hot chocolate fell and spilt everywhere.


I had put it on top of my car while I put my stuff inside but, like the “dumb blonde” that I can be (BTW, only I can call myself a dumb blonde. Anyone else dares to, and they’ll be staring up at me from the flat of their back in .05 seconds. Don’t do it.), I forgot about that poor mug. You can guess what happened next.

I literally leapt out of my car and started almost crying, because I had worked HARD on that hot chocolate. I swear, it was a piece of art. It had cappuccino (white mocha!) mix combined with classic Nesquick powder, milk, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce to top it off. It was positively the EPITOME of hot chocolate-ness. All wasted. You can imagine my tears.

But enough about that. Because the true point of this post is to mourn the loss of innocent hot chocolate at the hands of this dumb blonde. Can someone please make me some more? I NEED HOT CHOCOLATE.

Thank you 🙂


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