The Yuckies have Struck

It’s finally happened. Just when I began to think that I was immune, the yuckies have struck, and struck hard.

I’m in school right now with a roaring headache, a fussy tummy that is feeling very unpredictable at the moment, and a hint of dizziness that strikes at the worst times. I’m barely able to type, actually.

The worst part is, I have to soldier on through. See, I get senior exemptions from every exam in school if I do not miss more than three excused days of school. Well guess what? I’m on my third day, so that means NO more skipping for me. Yippee.

I’ve decided that the schools WANT us to take the exams, because it is near impossible not to miss those three days, especially with the sickie season rolling around. I kinda hate it, actually. So much pressure.

So here I am, writing on my blog when I should be typing up some articles for Newspaper, declaring to the world the unfair and unjust policy that my high school has created to force sick children to school to get other teens sick. Story of my life.


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