Back to Reality

As our holiday comes to a close, we teens and college students are forced to confront the load of schoolwork that we procrastinated on while stuffing our mouths with turkey and sweet potato casserole. As the euphoric feeling that accompanies a holiday break drains away, we are slowly drifting back to the reality of schoolwork and studying.

I enjoyed the break immensely, but I also won’t be too bummed to go back to school. Yes, you are probably saying, “Ok, this girl is definitely nuts. How can she WANT to go back to school??” Well, my dear reader, you misread what I said. I said I wouldn’t be too bummed, i.e., I won’t be sobbing into my hands when I get to school tomorrow (check back with me when I wake up at 5:50 am, I might be crying then).

We are all definitely going to be totally lethargic, what with the tons of turkey, stuffing, and other Thanksgiving yummies that we have been filling up on. I would not be surprised if the teachers have trouble containing the students (or rather, keeping them awake).

Personally, I am super tired. I could do with a nap. I might take one tomorrow during school in French class (that’s always the safest class to nod off in). I’ve developed a special technique in which I can get a bit of shut-eye without alerting the teacher as to my doings. It really is quite clever. I won’t tell you.

But anyways, as I was saying, I’m kindof sad because we have no leftovers from Thanksgiving, which is odd. We usually have enough to last us about a month, but this time it didn’t even last us a day. Very odd. Mayhaps it’s because we had some family sleep over on emergency conditions and they rather liked the leftover turkey and macaroni and cheese. Who knows.

Tomorrow, you adults, do not get too exasperated with the teenagers wandering around in a lethargic daze. It’s simply not their fault. I shall be joining those sleepy masses as well.


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