I’m feeling a bit sad.

Not for the usual reasons, though, like a shortage of yogurt or chocolate (though we do have a mournfully-low supply of each). It’s also not my “I-can’t-go-to-volleyball-tonight” sad, nor my “my-parents-won’t-let-me-see-the-Hobbit-at-the-Midnight-Premiere-tomorrow-night” kind of sad. No, this is a different type of sad. This is my Christmas sad.

Not that I’m sad about Christmas. On the contrary, ’tis one of my favorite holidays….actually, it is my favorite time of year. The lights, the yummy foods, the delicious limited-time-only (which I think is stupid, but who cares what I think) drinks from Starbucks…ahh, it’s enough to give a girl a nice warm feeling in her tummy. But that’s besides the point.

I’m sad because people now consider Secret Santa to be more fun than White Elephant. What is wrong with people these days, you might ask. I’ve been asking myself that very question for several weeks now.

I mean, come ON, Secret Santa is soo overrated. All you do is draw a name out of a hat, buy a present for them, and BAM! done. Seriously no fun at all. The funnest and most hilarious-est game of all gift exchange games is White Elephant. Seriouslyyy I’m not even joking here. You buy a present (non-gender specific, please), wrap it up, and put it into the middle. Everyone draws a number, and the person with #1 goes first, picks a present, and opens it up in front of God and everybody. Thenn the person with the #2 slip can either steal that present or open a new one. Soooo much fun, because people go insane and it’s fun to watch the almost-fights break out over the most obscure items, like a Wendy’s wig (you know, the fast-food chain Wendy?) or a Starbucks gift card. It’s like watching the fights at a hockey game: almost serious, but not enough to break anyone’s teeth over (at least, not at any White Elephants or Hockey games that I’ve been to).

But noooo, people like the Secret Santa idea, because then they can keep their present. These selfish people. They really need to get a life and be a bit more adventurous.

So now I’m stuck buying a present for a specific person (which I hate doing) and then wrap it. No fun at all. It’s like buying a present for a family member or something. No fun and games at all. Wish me luck. I might just go mad from the dullness.


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