Is anyone else EXCITED?????

I’m excited for a lot of things.

I’m excited for those new Gangster Squad and Zero Dark Thirty movies that are coming out really soon. I’m excited for the free time that I’m soon going to have. I’m excited about the new Knitting Club at my school (Ok, don’t judge, but I like to knit!), and mostly, most importantly, I’m excited for this semester to ENDDD!!!

Only two more days. Frankly, this last week has been INTERMINABLE. That means it feels like it’s going on for FOREVER. I mean, they’re still assigning us homework.

Come on, people. It’s the last week. Aren’t we entitled to something a bit more easygoing like, say, a party or food time every day? Seriously. School is ALMOST OVER. Might as well cut us loose early, right?

Wrong. They refuse. We’re only allowed to bring food on FRIDAY, and even then, we’re not allowed to call it an actual party. This is ridiculous.

I’d have to say that the only classes I’d TRULY miss would be my Newspaper and Theater classes. Sure, I’ll have theater next semester also, but no newspaper 😦 Unless I am able to write during my lunch, in which case I’d be peachy ^_^

So that’s that. Bring it on. I’m ready to be FREE.


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