Ignorance is NOT Bliss.

I know that everyone says that ignorance is bliss. And to a point, they might possibly be right. I mean, the knowledge of something awful like, say, the untimely disappearance of your highly-anticipated snack of chocolate-chip yogurt might be enough to make you sad. Cut you to the core, even. Slice your heart into a million pieces that, no matter how you try to fit them together, will never work as a whole again.

Sure, that might happen. But seriously, who wants to be ignorant except for ignorant people? Ignorance gets you out on the streets. Jobless, homeless, food-less, happy-less. It’s an all-around bad idea.

You know what they say: knowledge is power. If you have no knowledge, you have no power. Without power, you cannot succeed. Without success, you will not advance in life. Without life advances, you will remain in the same place monotonously running through the same cycles of life again and again without end. If you remain in the same place, monotonously running through the same cycles of life again and again without end, you will become a hamster in a wheel. And who wants to be a hamster in a wheel?

Not me!

It can also make you into a brainless idiot with no concept of respect or patience, unable to retain the most basic of information. Which leads me to my next point: people need to learn how to drive.

Seriously. I’m getting so tired of almost dying every day because people try to shove me off the road out of ignorance or not taking of the proper precautions. Why not simply use that little finger to push the turn signal into place (oh, so hard!), check your mirrors and windows, and calmly make the turns/lane changes? But nooooo, they have to zoom from lane to lane, cutting off cars and causing road rage left and right in the wake of their callous disregard for the health and safety of others.

Which brings me to my next next point. To the dude who literally pushed me out of my lane tonight on my way home from work, I just have two things to say to you.


(In a side note, I’m such a fatty. During my break today, I ate a whole muffin and mini chocolate pie in the space of fifteen minutes. What’s wrong with me.)


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