I’m Almost There (Not Really)

So those of you who know me, you know of my ubiquitous, tiring, never-ending struggle against the beast that is statistics. I swear, it’s going to kill me. I’ve been studying so much that I’m starting to think statistically. As in, “oh that must not be likely, considering by the normal distribution the chance of that happening is close to .0376!”.

Yeah, it’s gotten that bad. (At least, almost. Not quite to the point where I can do calculator calculations in my head yet, but almost.)

I see a package of meat that says “75% healthier than other leading brands”, and I start comparing. It’s gotten crazy. I’m not sure if I like it, or that it means that I’m getting it. Maybe my brain is just constantly trying to wrap around the concept of statistics, and thus refuses to get out of statistics-mode. I dunno.

But anywho, I got my first good-ish grade in stat today. Sure, it’s a measly C, but it’s definitely better than an F. Just thinking about such low grades is enough to make me shiver me timbers.

The worst thing? I can’t switch out to something more manageable, like AFM. It’s a huge, confusing, extraordinarily long story, but basically I need this class to graduate, I “waited too long to switch” (insert irritable grandma-lady’s voice here), and that’s that. If I don’t pass by the end of the year, my madre is going to, and I quote, “pull me out of school, homeschool me for three days, and then graduate me.”

So yeah, if I never pass, at least I have a backup plan! (Please please Lord, help me pass the devil of Statistics!!)

Also, just so that I get a ton of views, I’m going to insert a food reference in here. If you read my other post about how bloggers and blogger-readers are fatty, then go look through my archives for something along the lines of “fatties”. But to complete that thought, I’m really craving some thin mints right now. I wonder if there’s a super-food to make me smarter?


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