Back to Normal Life

The day drags on (even though it’s only 7:49 in the morning), the air thick with disappointed hopes and dreams as the last remnants of our Spring Break fade from existence, becoming only a distant memory that one can recall with dreamlike clarity and a deep, soul-filled sense of loss; the loss of freedom and the ability to choose.

Ok, I know I’m being melodramatic here (just a pinch), but seriously, I miss spring break already. Gone are the days when I could just laze around the house, watching Supernatural (LOVE that TV show!) nonstop and being able to do, basically, whatever I wanted.

Spring Break is a gift from God, I swear. I feel so rejuvinated and yet so reluctant to again resume the monotonous duties of a senior in high school. I mean, sure I was a bit of a couch potato during my lovely spring break, but at least I didn’t binge eat! I even went to the gym (0nce, but still!). So I didn’t TOTALLY waste my spring break; I was semi-productive, at least.

Everyone (practically) at my school feel much the same way; like they were reborn during Spring Break, and have now become the Walking Dead (AKA zombies) afterwards.

On another note, North Carolina is a fickle state when it comes to weather. Why, just last week it was bitter cold on many days, with a biting wind that could pierce through the thickest clothing and chill one to the bone. Now, with the promise of 79 degree weather, the teenage girls at my school are breaking out the short shorts, summer dresses, and various open-toed flip flops and sandals. We are so incredibly desperate for warm weather that we will take anything that comes our way with open arms.

I walked into school this morning and was greeted by the sight of a throng of bare legs, light tans, and the slap of flip-flops against the cold white tiles. I glanced down at my own jeans, cowboy boots, super pale skin, and short sleeved shirt, and immediately felt slightly out of place in the midst of the summer hopefuls that were roaming the halls.

For now, I shall try to stay awake as I wade through the swarm of teenagers that swamp the hallways. Even though coffee contributes absolutely nothing to my state of wakefulness, I shall drink up and pray that I do not fall asleep on my feet or while doing some supposedly dangerous activity.

(You can tell that I’m tired. I’m really just rambling now. Oh, what I would give for another  spring break!)


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