Watch out for the Po Po!

So if you know me, you know that I’m a little Miss Goody Two-Shoes. I don’t do ANYTHING to cause me to be nervous around the police. I’ve never smoked, drunk, or even so much as driven around without my seatbelt on.

So on to my story: I was driving to church last night with my bff Charlotte and my crazy exchange student Chiara, and we were following my parents there. Welll I saw that the highway was clogged with traffic, so I decided on the back way to church to see if I could beat my parents there. My friends were very enthusiastic about this idea.

So I was driving along these back roads and, like I said, I have no reason to fear cops, so when one pulled out behind me, I didn’t really feel worried. I just double-checked to make sure that my friends had their seatbelts on, which they did. They jokingly told me to drive carefully.

We drove for a long time, taking many turns along the winding road, when I noticed that the cop was still behind me. He seemed to be tailing me, following me through yellow lights, copying my every turn, and staying close behind me.

It was at about this point that I began panicking slightly. I mean, like I said, I’m a good girl, but I began thinking that this guy might find something wrong with me or my car and pull me over just for kicks. Or maybe the rumor was true, and policemen are more likely to be suspicious of red cars than any other. Whatever the case, I was looking in my rearview mirror almost more than the road in front of me.

We were all freaking out, thinking that this guy was just gonna follow us to kingdom come. “Maybe he’s just a Doctor Who fan and wants to talk geek with you,” my dear friend Charlotte joked, referring to my Doctor Who license plate cover. “Maybe he’s bored,” we suggested soon after that nervously. We began coming up with crazy circumstances that would cause the dude in the cop car behind us to tail me.

And trust me, I wasn’t being paranoid; this guy was full on tailing us, following us on every little twist and turn that I took, even when I made a turn through a yellow light, which would have made it red when he went through. And it wasn’t any little country cop car either; it was one of those fancy-schmancy Dodge chargers that were built for high-speed chases.

We were close to a full on panic attack when I noticed that the cop car had finally decided to leave us alone. We drove the rest of the way to church rejoicing that the Good Lord had spared us from an interrogation from a cop or, even worse, a ticket *gasp!*.


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