An Update from your Friendly Neighborhood Blogger

It’s hard to believe that in a week, I’m going to be walking out of that stupid high school for the last time. I mean, I know I’ve only been there for a year, but I think it’s been the longest year of my life. Any of you ever have a year like that? Not the funnest time. Unless, of course, it was the funnest, longest year of your life, in which case props to you.

This week is full of preparations for the graduation, the senior assembly, final exams for the unfortunate seniors who missed too many days of school (not this girl!), and partying. That makes it very difficult to devote much of our precious attention to such menial tasks as schoolwork. Remember my post a couple months back about fighting senioritis? Well, let’s just say that that argument has gone to moot, and I am fully embracing it.

But now the senioritis has spread not only to affect my school performance, but also my motivations to do, well, ANYTHING. For instance, I know you all LOVE food so much. So, I had been planning to make a decadent dish that a pleasant customer at Harris Teeter had described to me in detail involving a lot of chocolate and peanut butter. I was even going to take pictures of each step and show you how to make it too (or how NOT to make it, if it goes poorly).  But obviously, THAT hasn’t happened. Maybe I’ll do it during the summer. Just don’t hold your breath. You might not breath again.

But on to slightly-less-important things. I went to the beach this weekend, and I got tanned! At least, as tan as a white girl like me can get. Technically, I’m still the whitest person I know (besides my dear friend Charlotte, but she’s a ginger, so that’s ok), but I’m tan for ME, so I feel content. I got so much salt water in my eyes this weekend, though. Those waves were GNARLY.

I can’t count how many times I got knocked off of my feet and went hurling through the frothy waves, head over heels, not knowing which way was up. These moments were always filled with that peculiar sense of terror and yet peace, where they seemed to last forever and yet not long at all. Usually, I wasn’t in the water for longer than it took for me to register it, but when I was under for a long time (i.e., five-ten seconds), there was the subconscious fear that I might not come up for air again. I must admit, though, it was quite humorous to watch others in my family undergo the same experience.

At school, for my final week, I am only watching movies for all of my classes except theater! It’s great. I basically get to relax the rest of the week. In theater, we all divided into groups of two or more, and my group is doing scenes from Beauty and the Beast. Due to the lack of a male figure in our group, I am playing the part of Gaston. I know, I’m so manly that you wouldn’t be able to tell I was a girl. NOT.

The worst part? I’ve got to sing and talk in an incredibly LOWW voice. Don’t even get me started on my struggles to walk like a man. I look more like a gorilla.


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