Ratios and Happiness Factors

So today was my third day of classes at Wake Tech (community college…just a stepping stone!), and I must say, I’m pretty happy with my teachers/classmates/the campus.

All of my professors are really funny and just cool-ish in general (at least, as cool as a grown up adult can get, haha). My best friend is in one of my classes with me, so I’m super happy about that, but I must say, I’m really extremely pleased with the cute guy:girl ratio that I’ve observed.

I know that some of you might consider me to be guy-crazy. Not true, I say! I merely have a healthy appreciation of the opposite gender. It’s not an obsession. I’d say I have a bigger obsession with school, reading, writing on here (obviously), and writing/finishing my book. I’m simply not afraid to point out the good-looking folk of the opposite gender. Is that so wrong?

But anyways, it’s pretty awesome. Just in these two days alone, one guy volunteered me to be his partner on the project we have due in December, and another guy told me I was cute (AAAAHHHHH!!!!). These things give me a major self-confidence booster and increase my happiness factor. (For those of you wondering, the “happiness factor” dictates how I treat other people. If I’m feeling pretty crummy, I probably won’t speak very much, and probably won’t be very super-duper friendly. When I’m happy, there’s no telling what might happen. I could just walk up to you and hug you randomly. Just because.)

Altogether, my experience was relatively pleasant, so I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store for me here. (My parents will be ecstatic to read that. I didn’t really want to go to Community College in the first place, so I’m praying that they don’t break their necks doing flips and bouncing off the walls.)


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