Working with Coffee

So, as all of you know, I have a slight (lol) addiction to coffee. It doesn’t help that (a) I just found out that Wake Tech has a fantastic cafe on campus with better-than-Starbucks coffee (but the same prices. ugh.), and (b) there’s a Barnes and Noble very close to the campus, where I have a bad tendency of going to after classes and then, predictably, succumbing to the temptation of delicious coffee. No, these things do not help my situation.

I’m about to one-up myself.

I am trying (very hard) to get a job as a cafe worker at the aforementioned Barnes and Noble Cafe, and I believe it is a very distinct possibility that I will get it due to the persuasive powers of several friends I have working there already (on a completely unrelated note, I just happened to make these friends on one of my aforementioned and frequent visits to the cafe, my charm and wit leaving them no choice but to advocate to the big boss lady on my behalf.).

These circumstances will certainly not help with my coffee addiction should I get the job (it’s basically guaranteed). For starters, did you know that they get a 30% discount on the coffee on their off-hours, a free coffee/food stuff when they’re working, and a 40% (I believe) discount on books? Tell me I’ve died and gone to Heaven!

I’m not sure whether to ask for prayers to get the job or for my alarmingly-imminent danger of becoming highly diabetic from all of the sugar intake. You decide.

(For those of you wondering about my job at Harris Teeter, I do still work there. I just want to get a second job that is closer to the school (since HT is about 15 minutes away from it), and Barnes and Noble sounds like a good place to start. Also, I got promoted (ish) to customer service. No pay raise, but more prestige, I suppose. Some people in produce have been asking me to join produce, and I’m considering it, keeping in mind that there IS a pay raise for that particular job due to the physical labor involved. Feel free to chime in with opinions.)


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