Fall…or Winter?

As I step from the steamy warmth of my home, I feel as though frost immediately forms on my skin, freezing my ears, cheeks, and nose and causing them to glow a bright cherry red. Gooseflesh instantly ripples across my skin, causing the hairs to rise at the shock of cold air. Crossing my arms and burying my already-frozen hands into the cottony fabric of my jacket, I walk briskly to the car, marveling at the puffs of steams that burst from my lips with every breath I take. Where has my Fall weather gone? I wonder mournfully, hopping into my car and turning on the engine, praying that the frigid air flowing from the vents will warm up before I turn into a human Popsicle. I had heard that snow was due to fall this week. Was this Fall…or Winter come early?

Honestly, this is November. We should be having crisp weather where a light sweater and some jeans would be enough to keep warm. But no, I am forced to don layer after layer in a futile effort to allay some of the fierce cold that seems determined to find every crevice and crack in my armor of cotton.

This is the season for bonfires and s’mores, for fuzzy socks and nights looking at the stars, not huddling indoors, afraid to go outside out of fear for Jack Frost and his homicidal attempts to freeze us to death.

Normally at this time of year, you could find me at the lake taking a walk and admiring the lovely leaves changing color, or reading outside on the front porch, enjoying the crisp chill of Autumn. Now? You can look for me curled up in Barnes and Noble with a nice hot venti Caramel Macchiato, buried beneath several dozen layers of sweaters, jackets, and overcoats.

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