Enter Stupid Week

Heart racing, head pounding,

mind aching, heart breaking,

pen to paper,

word after word,

Don’t panic, breathe.

In, out, in, out,

air crisp and cool.

Gather your thoughts,

put them down,

don’t rush, don’t panic,



It’s that time of year; that dreaded week of weeks when all of that studying culminates in an exam to rival all exams, that causes massive migraines and huge panic attacks. Studying week after week, late nights and early mornings, downing cup after cup of coffee to keep those eyes open, all for one one massive grade. My English teacher calls it “stupid week” because this is the week that so many students make the stupidest of choices and mistakes. Good luck to all of my fellow college students out there riding that struggle bus with me.

It’s finals week. Need I say more?


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