The Banana Car Conundrum

My eyes dart wildly,

apprehensive at every turn.

A blue one here, a black one there,

and I feel myself relax.

And then a flash of color,

a car the color of the sun,

streaks across my vision.

Inwardly, I groan.

Some may call me crazy

With fingers pulling out my hair,

I’m slowly going insane,

but with all my heart I swear,

these banana cars are following me.

I cannot escape them;


I know what y’all are thinking; what the heck is she talking about? BANANA cars? Well, let me explain:

I have a very dear friend, a lovely loyal friend named AJ. This said friend has become quite convinced that there is a grand conspiracy surrounding her; some cruel person, she believes, is causing yellow cars to “follow” her about in a ploy to see how long it takes her to go insane.

True, it does sound a bit insane, but I find it a very endearing quality. It’s actually quite hilarious when we’re driving around in my car, and in mid sentence AJ bolts up in her seat, points, and shouts, “BANANA CAR!” as we pass yet another neon yellow car.

If we were in New York City, AJ says, it would be very common to see that disgusting shade of yellow on many, many cars (aka Taxi Cabs) but here, in Raleigh, it’s just plain weird, and I have to agree with her on that point.

And thus, we come to the goal of this post: AJ has asked me to kindly inquire of the blogging community if they have experienced such stalk-ation by “banana” cars, so that she can feel less singled-out or know that she isn’t crazy.

So my question is this; HAVE any of you observed an overabundance of Banana cars crossing your paths? Please respond ASAP!

Note: Banana cars are not actually cars shaped like a banana, they are just a really obscene shade of yellow and can be any shape or size.


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