Insomnia (The Sleep-Deprived Ramblings of an Exhausted College Student)

In the Still of the Night,

the cool wind howling,

no soul in sight,

only the stars seem alive.

Winking, shining,

smiling on Earth from

Millions of light-years away.

Owls swoop silently

across the nighttime sky,

the only creature awake

at this time of night,

except for me.


Is it generic to say

that I cannot sleep?

That I cannot on my bed lay

and instantly fall into dreams?

Mind constantly racing,

eyes refusing to close,

brain screaming suddenly,

“You have many things to do!”


And thus I busy myself,

cleaning, scrubbing, writing.

Completing tasks I normally hate.

It’s in the Still of the Night

That mediocre tasks become, suddenly, important;

It’s in the Still of the Night,

when the world is dead,

that I am awake.


Why, do you ask, am I writing a rather long blog post in the middle of the night (Especially considering that I have to wake up at 7am tomorrow)? Well, my dear readers, as of late I have been suffering from a severe case of insomnia. For some reason, I cannot, absolutely CANNOT get to sleep at night until around midnight.

I have taken melanin pills. I have tried getting into bed at 10. I have played classical music in attempts to lull myself to sleep. The results? NADA. Nothing. Zip. None of the methods I’ve tried have been successful, hence my terrible poetry and meandering writing this late night.

I’m desperate, y’all. Like, honestly. I’m SO tired ALL THE TIME. And then at night? I’m as alert as a father waiting for his daughter to come back from her first date. It’s getting pretty ridiculous, actually.

Any advice from any of you out there? No? Nobody? Okay 😦

But seriously, if you have any herbal cures or witch-doctor remedies hidden somewhere in your medicine cabinet, please feel free to share with the class.


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