The Everyday Struggles of Being Blonde

I love my hair. I love the way it glistens when it catches the sun. I love the way it changes shades slightly with the seasons, getting darker in winter and lighter in summer. I love it because it’s a defining characteristic of me.

However, there are some parts of being a blonde that are a struggle. There are stereotypes and perceptions that have been developed in today’s society that have remade the word “blonde” to mean many different things. (I’m sure that just at the mention of “blonde,” a couple of these immediately popped into mind 😉 )

Here are several everyday struggles of being a blonde.

The Chlorine-Green Embarrasment
If I spend more than 15 minutes in the pool, you can bet that by the time my hair dries, it will have obtained that nice green tinge we blondes love so much (sarcasm).

The “Blonde” Stereotype
I swear, I feel so self conscious  every time I ask for help with my computer, math, or something technical, because people just automatically assume that I know nothing about cars or technology. And yes, math may be my worst subject, but I know more about statistics than most people, thank you very much!


This Question: “Having another Blonde moment?”
Brunettes have plenty of blonde moments too, thankyouverymuch.

Also, this question: “Is that your natural hair color?”
Why does everyone think that all blondes are fake? I got this hair au naturale, fo’ yo’ information.

Everyone Thinks You’re a Basic White Girl.
Yes, I work at Starbucks. Yes, I drink coffee. And yes, I am, in fact, a girl. But I don’t talk like a white girl, I don’t belong to a sorority, and I don’t even know what “norts” are. I think the most “basic” thing about me is that I own Sperry’s, and even that shouldn’t really count because I’m in a sailing club and I wear them on the boat!

Please please please don’t call me basic. It’s pretty much an insult at this point.

Please keep your hands, feet, and stereotypes to yourselves.

Blondie. Goldilocks. Rapunzel.


Sure, being blonde can be a struggle, but let’s face it:
Blondes have the most fun, and Blondes do it best 😉

Keep it real, keep it classy!
Kristin ❤


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