Don’t You

To Cole

Phone in my hand,
lying on the floor,
Sobbing in rage,
fury in my core.
To your credit,
you’re one smooth-talker,
but one snake of a stalker,
Four dates and
you think you’ve got me leashed?
Little did you know, you’ve unleashed the beast.

Don’t you love me to leave me,
Don’t you dare put your hands in my hair,
Don’t you try to cuff my wrists,
Then lecture me when I call it quits.
Don’t you paint my world in shades of grey,
And try to steal my time and life away,
No, don’t you dare love me,
I’m repulsed by you anyway.

Smooth as whiskey
but just as biting,
You forgot to put on
Your mask so charming.
The façade slipped,
And with it, your true self
Got scorched from my ire.
Your silver tongue can’t dance with fire,
I stomp on Coles,
I played with pyres,
I’m a pyromaniac, incendiary,
And now your texts are legendary!

Don’t you love me to leave me,
Don’t you lecture like you’re my father,
Don’t you abuse my emotions,
And leave me unmoored on your wild oceans.
Don’t you steal my sunniest skies,
And stake your flag in all my spare time,
No, don’t you dare love me,
I’m repulsed by you anyway.

You truly believe,
that “women are repulsed
by all things
that cause them to reflect
and own their actions.”
Well, I took a poll,
And in unanimous reaction,
All women are repulsed by you.

Don’t you parcel out the blame,
Don’t you have any shame?
Don’t you dare try to gaslight me,
Watch your back, my father’s a Marine!
I live my life in technicolor,
Just be glad I don’t tell your mother
What a sexist screw-up her son is!
And one last thing, remember this:

Don’t you dare even try to love me,
Don’t you dare call me crazy,
Don’t you call me a mattress
Just because I took your matches
Before you could set fire to my heart.
Here’s your warning, I’ve done my part:
Stay away, my life is mine,
Au revoir, it’s been divine!
Don’t you dare bother me,
leash me, love me,
Just lose me
Thank God I’m the one that got away,
because I’m repulsed by you anyway.


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